Diastolic Dysfunction and Myocardial Fibrosis in Fontan Survivors

Children's Heart Association of Cincinnati Project Commitment - $50,000

Primary Investigator:   Bryan H. Goldstein, MD
Study Timeline:  2015-2016

Survivors of Fontan palliation for single ventricle congenital heart disease may excel at home, work and school, but nonetheless face a lifetime of medical complications, including the development of early heart failure.  Having recently identified a segment of the Fontan population with “stiff” ventricles, we are interested in further exploring this population using advanced cardiac MRI techniques, to evaluate for cardiac fibrosis (or scar).  We plan to relate the presence and amount of cardiac fibrosis to measurements made during a previously obtained cardiac catheterization, and to markers of fibrosis that may be present in the blood. We hope to use findings from this project to direct potential future Fontan drug trials, aimed at reducing cardiac fibrosis and improving functional outcomes including exercise capacity and quality of life.