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Meet Patricia Payne

On November 18th, CHAoC welcomed Patricia Payne to the Board.  She shared how she has been personally touched by congenital heart disease and why she decided to get involved:

Why I joined CHAoC:

When I was a child, I sat on the sidelines during recess with my best friend, Kathy, who suffered from heart disease and was unable to play.  She had surgery when she was 10 and did not survive.  That was a long time ago and many advances have been made since then in the treatment of pediatric heart disease.  So when my next door neighbor, a long time member of the CHAoC Board and the proud father of Zak, asked me to join CHAoC, I was happy to do so.  Zak has congenital heart disease and I am delighted to say I have known him since he was born.  He’s a super young man! 

“We believe Patty will bring a great combination of experience and heart to our team and we are excited to work with her.” ~Dana Kimball, Trustee