James Doss Memorial Foundation

The James Doss Memorial Foundation’s mission is to support and uplift families who have lost children to Congenital Heart Disease. We aim to normalize the grieving process by providing assistance with funeral expenses and financial support towards creating meaningful memorials. By alleviating the burden of financial strain, we enable families to focus on honoring and remembering their beloved children.

​In addition to our immediate support, we aspire to advocate for and establish new end-of-life care initiatives within hospitals in our community. We strive to improve the quality of care and support provided to families during their most difficult moments, ensuring a compassionate and comforting environment for both the child and their loved ones.

Through our efforts, we aim to foster a society that acknowledges and respects the journey of grief, encouraging open conversations and healing opportunities. We hope to empower families to remember their children with love, dignity, and without the added burden of financial stress. Together, we can create a compassionate and inclusive space where families can find solace and support in their time of need.

Visit www.jamesdossmemorialfoundation.org for more information.