The David Schwartz 4th Year Interventional Catheterization Fellowship Program

Salary Funded Annually (2011-2017) by CHAoC

Dr. David Schwartz was a noted pediatric cardiologist within the Division of Cardiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. After completing his fellowship, he served as the Director of the Catheterization Laboratory and Associate Division Chief at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In 1988, he became Chief of the Division of Cardiology and served in that role until 1996. His particular area of subspecialty interest was in the field of cardiac catheterization. He helped develop and test flow-directed catheters and was on the cutting edge of early interventional catheterization techniques.

Dr. Schwartz was an avid educator of medical students, pediatric residents and cardiology fellows. He helped train numerous cardiology fellows in the fields of both general cardiology and cardiac catheterization, many of whom are considered to be leading national experts in pediatric cardiology. The Dr. David Schwartz 4th Year Cath Fellowship was created to honor Dr. Schwartz’s passion for education and his contribution to the field of pediatric cardiology.

Dr. David Schwartz 4th Year Cath Fellowship Recipients

Academic Year

2016-2017        Dr. Alex Verhoeven

2015-2016        Konstantin Averin, MD

2014-2015        Ram Bishnoi, MD

2013-2014        Ryan Alexy, MD

2012-2013        Michael Seckeler, MD

2011-2012        Matthew Zussman, MD