Hopeful Hearts

A group benefitting children, parents, and families began to take root in 1997, when Julie Balzano, a CHAoC Trustee, had a son born with a complex heart defect. In trying to gather information and find parental support, she decided she wanted to connect with other families to learn more about their experiences and to share her’s. In helping other families know that they were not alone in their journey with a child with a chronic illness, she equally found support. Hopeful Hearts has evolved over the years, especially through internet and social media usage. The primary goal of this group is to network parents, children, and/or family members with other families who may be facing similar circumstances. This can be achieved according to each individual’s preference.


If you would like to communicate with another parent who has traveled this road, and you are looking for someone who may understand your fears and concerns, please contact:

Julie Balzano
(513) 218-8306