Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Patient Camp

Camp Joy has provided years of great educational, physical,and social opportunity for heart patients at CCHMC. Now the adults with CHD get to have a day of their own! 

Here’s what a few ACHD survivors had to say about camp:

“I had a great time at camp! I enjoyed meeting people from all stages of adulthood, who also were living with CHD. I loved that we all came together to celebrate our differences with a day of fun. I look forward to next year! Thank you CHAoC for sponsoring our first camp!”

“I am so glad that I attended the first annual ACHD camp. It isn’t always easy for others to understand my heart struggle, so being in a group of my peers was an amazing opportunity!”

“I am really glad that I attended camp this year! I met others who know what it is like to live with CHD. I am looking forward to camp in the future and getting to know the campers even more. I want to thank Danielle, Maggie, and all of those who helped coordinate the day together. It was a fantastic experience! I cannot wait until next year!”

“Camp was the best thing that I have ever been to and I was super excited to meet everyone for the first time. Camp was fun and I made friendships and I still talk to some of the people from camp. Camp was the most, best, fun thing I ever went to, and I can’t wait to go back again. It was a long ride though, but it was worth it, and I can’t wait to see what happens next year.”

For more information about the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patient Camp, please email

Watch our Heart Heroes video to meet some of the adult campers and hear about their inspiring journeys with CHD!